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Flexible positioning with the Click Pocket System

Extend the life of your work trousers with nail pockets thanks to the handy Click Pocket System. With this unique click system, you have the freedom to place your nail pockets wherever you want and can even add multiple nail pockets to your trousers, for example 3 or 4. Moreover, you can quickly and effortlessly move the nail pockets from your work trousers to your shorts, eliminating the need to carry over your tools separately. This allows you to continue working without interruptions, even when the temperature changes.

Nail pockets for your profession

When working in locations where your tools are not always within easy reach, nail bags can act as your portable toolbox. Therefore, it is essential that these pockets have enough space for all your essentials.
At MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED, you will find nail bags tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are an electrician, painter or another professional who needs plenty of space for various tools, we have nail bags designed to meet your requirements.

Nail pockets sold separately

MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED denim pockets are available as separate items. This offers the advantage of extending the life of your work trousers. Often it is precisely the nail pockets that get damaged on trousers, as they experience extra wear and tear and strain from the tools. Now you can easily buy new nail pockets when the old ones wear out, while just continuing to use the same trousers. This eliminates the need to replace your trousers unnecessarily.