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Durability and quality as core values

MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED where durability and quality are key. We understand that workwear is exposed to many challenges during a working day. Therefore, all materials undergo extensive testing before going into production. In addition, the workwear is tested by professionals to make sure they can withstand intense stress and to ensure that the most important functions are optimally placed to make your work easier. With MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED, you can rely on durable and high-quality workwear designed to last.

Increased abrasion resistance at knees - Maximum durability for your trousers

We understand the importance of long-lasting work trousers. That's why Mascot makes sure the material on the knees is extra hard-wearing, where trousers often wear the most. Specifically for these trousers, the knee pockets have been made exceptionally robust, so they will last as long as the rest of your trousers. Rely on the maximum durability of your trousers, even in demanding working conditions.


Water- and dirt-repellent coating

Extend the life and maintain a presentable appearance of your clothes with a water- and dirt-repellent coating. This coating will keep your clothes looking great for longer and also offers protection against drizzle and short showers, keeping you dry. MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED guarantees quality and functionality, so you can always rely on your clothes, whatever the weather.