Dear business partner,
We are delighted to inform you about an important decision taken by Prosafco and The Outfit Factory. On 28th Juin 2018, Prosafco NV has taken over Outfit BVBA.
As a specialist distributor in personal protection equipment (PPE) with a clear growth strategy, Prosafco identified an extremely well-suited party in The Outfit Factory. As such, their technical expertise and customer base represent very significant added value for Prosafco.

From a geographical point of view, The Outfit Factory also makes a perfect match. Prosafco, which in addition to its head office in Roeselare, also has branches in Hamme, Beerse, Hasselt and Bree, attaches a great deal of importance to having a local presence so that we can provide an even better service and enhance our interaction with customers. Acquiring The Outfit Fractory with stores in Borsbeek and Lier means that this part of Prosafco’s strategy will be supplemented further and specifically in the Antwerp region.

Both companies strive for an optimum focus on their customers and provide the best possible quality in the areas of product range and service. For years these qualities formed the solid foundation in our cooperation with you and will remain the most important ingredients of our continued collaboration.

Prosafco always puts quality and service first. As a result of our over 30 years of experience and craftsmanship, Prosafco is able to provide the guarantee of safety on the work floor. In terms of logistical performance and technical skills, Prosafco leads the way in the sector. The company underlines the importance being close to its customers through local anchoring and is also investing in e-business solutions that make it stand out from its competitors in the sector.
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The Outfit Factory
Outfit specialises in workwear as well as personal protective equipment and has a well-balanced portfolio of strong brands. With 2 workwear stores and a prominent online presence through various web shops, it has been able to differentiate in the sector for years and to take a strong position there.
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Building towards the future together
A project team made up of representatives from both companies will be preparing the integration of the two businesses. In so doing, guaranteeing the continuity for the customers of both parties remains utmost important.
The existing operating processes remain in place for both companies.  We will notify you in advance if there are any changes resulting from the integration of the two companies.
We are all confident that the synergies between Prosafco and Outfit will further strengthen our collaboration with you into the future.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with your usual contact persons and/or send us a mail on to the specific e-mail address:
We trust we have given you sufficient information on this matter and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with you.

Michel Waumans
Prosafco nv

Tim Claes
The Outfit Factory