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respect - teamwork - enthusiasm - transparancy

As one of Belgium’s leading companies, our mission is to be a dependable partner for all of our customers in protecting their employees in their working environment.

We make always every effort, with great enthusiasm and the combined forces of everyone we work with to provide the best solution in every situation.

Every goal that we set ourselves is a challenge that we seek to achieve in an open working atmosphere and with total respect for everyone involved.


At Prosafco, respect for the customer is paramount. The company values and respects every customer, regardless of the size of their order or their
specific requirements, and provides them with the highest quality 
products and service. In addition, suppliers and business partners are 
treated with the same degree of respect, contributing to the company's 
solid and trusted business relationships of the company.


Prosafco values teamwork and cooperation. The company 
works closely with suppliers, partners and employees to provide the
best possible products and service to the customer. This strong
teamwork enables Prosafco to respond quickly and efficiently to changes and challenges in the industry.


Prosafco is enthusiastic about the products and service it
offers. This enthusiasm is contagious and is passed on to customers, 
which in turn makes them feel enthusiastic about
purchasing their workwear and protection from Prosafco. The company
also continues to develop and improve, so the enthusiasm
for its products and service continues to grow.


Prosafco is committed to transparency in all aspects of business. This 
includes transparency about products, prices, delivery times and other
important information for customers. In addition, open and honest
communication with customers, suppliers and employees, putting
everyone is on the same page and further increases trust in the company.
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