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Patch emblems

Patch emblems are applied to the garment using a heat-seal machine. Depending on the required execution and the type of fabric, various types of patch emblems can be used and they are particularly well-suited to high-quality, representative clothing.
The emblems have a unique coating of adhesive and can be applied to various fabrics at different temperatures: from rainwear to casual clothes, flame-retardant gear, etc.

Do's & Dont's

When pressing patch emblems, not everything is possible and we have to follow some technical rules.
The points below summarize the most important rules.

  1. Maximum press size for transfers:
    - for caps: max. 8 cm x 16 cm
    - other textiles: max. 40 cm x 35 cm
  2. On all possible textiles. Also on fleece but this gives a print by pressing. This print will disappear after the first wash of the fleece.
  3. Also on caps, but with a limited print size. It is not possible to press over the center seam of a cap.
    Jackets/body warmers
    Not over seams
    No seams or zippers on the back of the printing area.

Delivery of files

The software used is Illustrator CS4 (and below) and Photoshop CS4 (and below). For large formats it is important to deliver the files in a high resolution. We recommend that you sharpen all drawings and vectorize logos and texts with vector software such as Adobe Illustrator. The vector drawings can be enlarged without loss of quality.

Photos are enhanced in a program like Photoshop. These images consist of pixels and cannot be enlarged without loss of quality. It is therefore important to deliver the documents in sufficient resolution (at least 300dpi) for the format to be printed.
Files for illustrator (logos, texts, drawings): .ai, .eps (saved from vectorized file), .pdf (saved from vectorized file)
Files for photoshop (for photos that will be printed in a grid): .tiff, .jpg, .pdf, .psd, .eps, ..

Examples of patch emblems