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Because workwear and safety clothing are also part of a company’s image, it makes good sense to personalise the fabric used to make the clothes. That way, your workwear becomes a kind of uniform and performs a dual function: protection and advertising.

It is also a very good idea to label the garments so that they can be returned to the right employee. This labelling is done using barcodes and/or personal identification.
Depending on the intended use and the type of fabric, the garment can be personalised by silkscreen printing, embroidering or by applying patches.

We have our own silkscreen, embroidering and patch machines to personalise the workwear we provide. Personalising these items ourselves in-house is your guarantee that quality requirements are strictly complied with and that delivery times do not become too long unnecessarily.


We help you choose the right technique.

Patch emblems

Patch emblems are applied to the garment using a heat-seal machine. Depending on the required execution and the type of fabric, various types of patch emblems can be used and they are particularly well-suited to high-quality, representative clothing.

The emblems have a unique coating of adhesive and can be applied to various fabrics at different temperatures: from rainwear to casual clothes, flame-retardant gear, etc.

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Embroidery is a craft-based technique that can be applied to any type of garment. The process is more labour-intensive and requires a longer lead time. But the result gives the fabric a beautiful finish and appearance.

The design or logo is converted beforehand to a computerised embroidering program, so the cost depends on the dimensions and number of pieces to be embroidered.

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Silkscreen is the most popular method of textile printing, with the image or words printed directly on to the fabric. It is an outstanding technique for both long and short print runs, taking account of the number of colours, type of fabric and location on the garment.

You need to take account of the set-up and printing plate costs. The basic rule of thumb for silkscreen printing is the more colours there are and the smaller the number to be printed, the higher the unit price.

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