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Below you will find our extensive range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), where the right product for your job is paramount!
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Different types of PPE

To work safely and healthily with high-risk substances, machinery or at high altitudes, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential. There are three levels of risk for which different PPE categories and certifications apply.

For low-risk work, such as in an office environment, general protective equipment such as hearing protection and safety glasses are sufficient. These PPE fall under categories 1 and 2 and comply with CE marking and EN standards.

Medium-risk work, such as in construction or the metal industry, requires protective equipment such as safety helmets, safety shoes and gloves. These PPE fall under category 3 and must comply with CE marking and EN standards, such as the EN 388 standard for gloves and the EN 20345 standard for safety shoes.

High-risk work, such as in the chemical industry or when working with explosives, requires specific and advanced PPE. These PPE must comply with more stringent requirements and certifications, such as the ATEX directive and PPE categories III and IV. These include gas detectors, respiratory protection and chemical-resistant clothing.

By choosing the right PPE and making sure it meets the right requirements and certifications, employees can carry out their work safely and healthily. At Prosafco, you can find an extensive range of personal protective equipment and receive expert advice to make the right choice for your specific work situation.