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Safety Standards of Work Pants

Safety standards are essential when choosing the right work pants for your job. These standards are set by European and international organizations and are designed to ensure the protection of workers. Below is an overview of the most important safety standards for work pants:

  • EN 14404: This standard deals with knee protection. Work pants that meet this standard provide protection against impact and penetration of the knees during kneeling work.

  • EN 343: This standard is about protection against rain. Work pants that meet this standard provide protection against rain and moisture.

  • EN 381: This standard deals with protective clothing for forestry. Work pants that meet this standard offer protection against cuts from a chainsaw.

  • EN 471: This standard is about visibility. Work pants that meet this standard have reflective elements and ensure that you are more visible.

  • EN 11611 and EN 11612: These standards deal with protective clothing for welding and heat. Work pants that meet these standards provide protection against welding and heat.

By choosing work pants that meet the appropriate safety standards, you can be sure that your workwear meets the required protection standards. It is important to know the specific safety requirements of your job and choose the right work pants that meet them. That way, you can go to work with confidence knowing that you are properly protected.

Maintenance of Work Trousers

To ensure that your work pants retain their protective properties and last a long time, it is important to maintain them properly. Below are some tips for maintaining your work pants:

  1. Always read the washing instructions on the label of the work pants. Work pants can be made of different materials and some may require special washing instructions.

  2. Wash your work pants at the right temperature. It is important to wash your work pants at the right temperature to ensure that the materials are not damaged and retain their protective properties. Always follow the washing instructions on the label.

  3. Avoid using harsh detergents and bleaches. These products can damage the materials of the work pants and impair their protective properties.

  4. Check the work pants regularly for damage. Tears, holes or other damage can affect the protective properties of the work pants. Repair these damages as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the work pants.

  5. Store your work pants in a dry, ventilated place. Damp environments can lead to mold and odor problems.

By properly maintaining your work pants, you can ensure that they retain their protective properties and last a long time. This not only protects your safety at work, but also saves you money by preventing premature replacement of the work pants.