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Prosafco nv, the specialist in personal protection equipment (PPEs)

The safety of the people who work for you is Prosafco’s greatest concern. As a manufacturer and distributor of personal protection equipment, we have a huge range of items to offer you. Prosafco has all the experience and knowledge needed to examine your specific requirements and find the right answer for them.

Why opt for Prosafco?

Prosafco is all about quality and service at the best possible price. As a result of our many years of experience (> 30 years) and our professionalism, Prosafco is able to provide the guarantee you need for safety in the workplace.

Just-in-Time Delivery

Need PPE in a hurry? Then you’ve come to the right address at Prosafco. We keep a large number of products in stock, which means we can keep our delivery lead times really short.

Great value for money

Because we have manufacturing facilities both in Belgium and abroad, we are always able to provide our customers with the value for money they are looking for.

Our services



Prosafco’s company roots are in the manufacture of gloves. Every year, Prosafco sells some 2.000.000 pairs of gloves.



Protection for the feet is one of the priorities in our range of personal protection equipment.



Prosafco offers its customers a wide range of workwear, safety clothing and casualwear.



Clear identity is a major factor – as is displaying a carefully presented corporate image. We can personalise all of your workwear garments on a highly individualised level: your company logo,


Laundry and recovery

Prosafco Laundry has been an established service for delivering, cleaning and distributing workwear since 2002.


Customised eye protection

At Prosafco you will find an extremely wide selection of safety glasses.


Customised ear protection

As you would expect, we also offer an extensive standard range of hearing protection and ear defenders.


Climbing lessons

To provide trainees with an insight into scientific studies, guidelines, standards and Belgian legislation in relation to ‘working at heights’.

Safety Shop

We also offer smaller SMEs that wish to collect their products themselves from us the opportunity to come and view our wide range and try them on in our safety shops.

We have 5 of them: Roeselare, Hamme, Beerse, Hasselt en Bree.


Problem-free distribution, fast service and excellent storage are essential to our role as a distributor.

7500 square metres of warehousing space, smooth logistics flows, our own fleet of vehicles, fixed delivery routes and just-in-time service all combine to help us in our shipments of personal protection equipment to our customers.