On Friday 20 September Prosafco will be exceptionally closed for reason of a team activity. After almost 10 years Prosafco has 110 fantastic employees who are committed to all our customers, relations, partners and this with full conviction to bring all professionals home without injuries every single day.


Taking these values into account, we find it very important to go on a team building trip with the whole Prosafco group and prepare ourselves to be at your service for the next 10 years. On 23/09 we’ll be ready to help you again with an even more enthusiastic and stronger team.

On Friday 20/09 there will be no order entries and no goods will be dispatched for delivery on Monday 23/09. In that specific week we advise you to transmit your urgent orders before 19/09. Our webshop is available of course as well as our teleservice partner who will register all possible urgent questions or matters. You can reach them on the following number: +32(0)9 381 06 50.

For the usual deliveries on Friday, we made some arrangements so you’ll be delivered or the Thursday before or the Monday afterwards.

If you have any question concerning this message, you can reach your contact within our company or you can send an email to communication@prosafco.be