Prosafco has been selected to join the West Flanders Corporate Social Responsibility Charter, a programme that companies can sign up to voluntarily. To do so, they are required to present 10 sustainability-based topics that are assessed each year by a committee of external specialists.

Sustainable input by staff: the advice and innovative solutions we have to offer are all part of the contribution we make in terms of our shared responsibility to help keep employees safe and healthy – not to mention able to keep working for longer.

Prosafco aims to make its principles on sustainability even more clear in the way it operates: we carefully consider not only economic factors, but also social and ecological aspects in all of our business processes and decisions. This enables the company to base its continued growth and development on the respect and trust that underpins its business and which it intends to continue earning for all of its stakeholders:

  • Shareholders not only expect there to be a profit, but also that the company has a long-term vision and that it continues to grow as part of the overall corporate social responsibility.
  • Employees consider their pay to be important, of course, but also other elements, such as their terms of employment and the general working atmosphere. Our values are: Enthusiasm, Teamwork, Transparency and Respect
  • As a leading Belgian company, we aim to be a dependable partner for all of our customers in the process of protecting their staff in their working environment.
  • Local residents as well as environmental authorities and organisations expect our products and services to cause as little nuisance or damage as possible.

All of our stakeholders have a particular pattern of expectations based on their own specific values. Every goal we set is a challenge for us – and one that we make every effort to achieve in an atmosphere of openness and respect for everyone.

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