• Prosafco acquires Stals & Co

    Prosafco neemt Stals & Co over

    We are delighted to inform you about an important decision taken by the companies Prosafco and Stals & Co. As of the 14th of October 2015, Prosafco NV is taking over Stals & Co.

  • The shops of Elversele and Baasrode merge into a brand new branch in Hamme.

    Prosafco neemt Nancy's Work Wear over

    On the 18th of November 2017 Prosafco Hamme officially opened its doors.

    The branches from Elversele (formerly Baert Veilig) and Baasrode (formerly Nancy’s Work Wear) merge into one branch that is located at Zwaarveld 59 in Hamme

  • Prosafco acquires Nancy’s Work Wear

    Prosafco neemt Nancy's Work Wear over

    We are delighted to inform you about an important decision taken by the companies Prosafco and Nancy’s Work Wear.
    As of this moment, Prosafco has taken over Nancy’s Work Wear.

  • Prosafco acquires Baert Veilig

    Prosafco neemt Baert Veilig over

    We are delighted to inform you about an important decision taken by the companies Prosafco and Baert Veilig. As of the 4th of December 2015, Prosafco NV is taking over Baert Veilig.

  • Prosafco acquires T.V.D.

    Prosafco acquires T.V.D.

    We are delighted to inform you about an important decision taken by Prosafco and TVD: from 14th October 2015, Prosafco NV is taking over TVD NV.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Prosafco Duurzaam Ondernemen

    Prosafco has been awarded its Corporate Social Responsibility certificate via the West Flanders Charter for conducting its business in a sustainable manner.

  • New webshop

    Totally new webshop now in operation. The range in our webshop enables our customers to order online and we have all of the technology needed to cater for the new generation.

  • Opening Safety Shop Hasselt

    Prosafco opened its safety shop in Hasselt in the summer of 2013, enabling us to provide the best possible service in that region of Belgium.

  • Prosafco attends Secura show for the first time

    Prosafco op Securabeurs

    Prosafco attended the specialist safety trade fair in Brussels with a very distinctive corporate image. The predominant colour on the stand was Prosafco blue and our safety chick was presented to customers for the first time.

  • Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

    Based on our growth strategy, it was decided to upgrade totally from the current AX3.0 ERP system to the latest AX 2012. A large number of operating processes and master data have been adapted to continue complying with new technologies while meeting all expectations from the market place. Implementation of the new system was a success.

  • ISO 9001:2008

    Prosafco has once again been awarded its ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate.

  • Safety Shop Roeselare relocated


    To enable us to improve the service we provide from our point of sale in Roeselare even further, the Safety Shop has been relocated to Prosafco’s premises in order to achieve better logistical interaction between the store and warehouse. The move gives our customers access to a wider and immediately deliverable range of personal protection equipment.

  • Team SME

    Not only is Prosafco a great partner for large industrial and manufacturing companies, but we have also set up a dedicated SME team that offers a programme of ideally suited products and services tailored to self-employed users and small businesses, right up to medium-sized companies.
    Take a look at Prosafco’s mission and values

  • Prosafco opens for business in Roeselare


    The brand-new Prosafco team has taken possession of the former Midera premises in Roeselare. The 7,000 m² of warehouse space and offices were the option best suited to roll out the new and so it was decided to set up the head office there immediately. The building has been given a shade of blue… (photo). The sales office continues to operate in Hasselt.

  • Pango now the lead brand

    The merger also brought together 2 brands of glove: Busters and Pango’Line. The portfolio of both brands contained many similarities, both in terms of quality and application. So, from a strategic point of view, it was decided to continue marketing and selling Prosafco’s Pango’Line.

  • Prosafco established

    Roeselare-based company Midera – a major player in the personal protection equipment market, is to merge with the East Flanders company, Smekens. As a result of the merger, the new group will be called Prosafco and it becomes the second-largest player on the Belgian market. Two competitive companies with combined experience totalling over 80 years in the safety industry!