The Pango’Line brand of gloves offers a wide range of leather and synthetic gloves. Pango’Line is all about providing total protection and optimum wearing comfort. These are two factors that contribute both to higher productivity and especially to a reduced risk of hand injuries.


The Pango'Line logo

Our Pango’Line logo originates from the Pangolin or the scaly anteater. Just as its scales provide natural protection for the anteater, so our gloves protect your employees against the various risks of hand injuries while at the same time feeling like a second skin.


Resistance to cuts

Prosafco has a collaborative agreement with DSM Dyneema for its cut-resistant gloves and is the official Trademark Licensee for them. This gives you a 100% guarantee of their quality and it also ensures that your cut-resistant gloves are totally genuine.
Only Dyneema® displaying this logo (inset: left) are authentic and are subject to the checks and controls of DSM Dyneema and its Premium Manufacturing Partners.