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Two reasons: time-savings and convenience.
Time-savings: Your orders are processed immediately by the system, which makes the process go significantly more quickly. Second, it avoids human error, which in turn increases the accuracy of both orders and deliveries. Third, you order everything at one time: no more need to call, wait for an answer, send in an e-mail and then wait for a confirmation again. Finally, repeat orders are saved on our system, which means they can be completed automatically and you don’t have to go through the whole process again.

Convenience: You can place your order when you want, including after 5.00 pm when our offices are closed. You have a crystal-clear overview at all times of all your orders and their status. Third, we customise the catalogue to suit your needs: only those items that apply to you are included in it, which means you don’t have to keep looking for what you want among thousands of products. Fourth, you always have an overview of all of the PPE products in your range, complete with photo, description and technical information. So you can view it at any time.

Payment is made after you receive an invoice, by bank transfer, within the payment period agreed.

Simply talk to your contact person at Prosafco. He or she will assist you in making changes to your personal catalogue.

Yes, we deliver to the Netherlands

No, each individual shop account at our webshop is linked to e-mail address.

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Patch emblems, embroidery and silkscreening

You can give us any of the following files: .ai or .eps or .jpeg or .pdf

Prosafco works with the Pantone (PMS) colour chart.

You can give us any of the following files: .ai or .eps or .jpeg or.pdf

Prosafco works with the Pantone (PMS) colour chart or Madeira cotton colour chart.

The following formats are possible: .ai (vector file) or .eps (vector file)

Prosafco works with the Pantone (PMS) colour chart.


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