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Accessibility of Prosafco

Update 26/04/2021

Dear Customer,

From 26/04/2021, our shops are reopened for both professionals and individuals without an appointment.


Update 29/03/2021

Dear Customer,

In accordance with the new measures of 23/03, we ask you to take into account the new agreements in our workwear & safety shops:


Update 02/11/2020

Dear Customer,

As a result of the new corona measures and the list of essential stores, we have concluded that our shops may remain open under certain conditions. Please read the following measures carefully and take them into account when you visit one of our shops:

Update 27/03/2020

Dear Customer,

In times when special measures apply and many unknown or variable environmental factors are involved, it is important that we as an organization adapt continuously.

This has always been our strength and is no different today. Prosafco guarantees that you can count flawlessly on our hands-on support and qualitative service today and in the future.

This is why we have aligned our organization with the current market situation, which has changed significantly, as well as in accordance with the measures in force.

In concrete terms, this means:

If there are any questions or comments that you feel are not being followed in the traditional way, you can always report them via the link below.

We will immediately take your request at hand and guide it to the right contact person.


Make a report




Stock and supplies


Dear customer,


We wish to inform you as well as possible on the impact of the numerous international measures concerning the Corona virus (Covid-19) on our available stocks.

Last week, many countries (Germany, France, Italy, China, etc.) introduced export restrictions for items related to Corona.

This will undoubtedly have consequences for the deliveries from the production units and distribution centres of our suppliers in these countries.


Type of articles:

Mask P2/P3, goggles, visors, coveralls type 3/4/5



3M, Moldex, BLS which make up most of our main range of dust masks


What does this mean for your deliveries:

Our current stock of dust masks is actually insufficient and almost completely exhausted.

We do not receive any guarantees on future deliveries from our suppliers.

Therefore, we cannot confirm specific delivery dates on open orders.


What actions are taken:

We are in contact with our suppliers on a daily base to see how we can still obtain certain volumes and have them delivered.

We are also investigating other options with suppliers from other countries, but here too the volumes available are insufficient.


It is very important that we make good agreements with them and we are committed to buy the requested volumes as soon as they are available.

We are also obliged to ask our customers for that same commitment. Therefore, all orders and requested quantities are mandatory and can no longer be cancelled, and in particular on the following items:

Masks, filters, coveralls, disinfectant gels


The European Federation of our sector (ESF) is trying to cancel the export restrictions in Europe

Below you will find the original communication on behalf of a number of our suppliers and the federation.