Car Free day 18 september


Prosafco certainly played its part in “Mobility Week”.

As many employees as possible were asked to come to work that day either by bike or public transport. Leaving their car at home, of course!

The combined rides had a direct effect on the number of cars and vehicle kilometres in the home-work-home traffic that day. In addition to a reduction in CO2 emissions, other noxious substances such as NOx and particulates were also reduced. Car-Free Day had 20 Prosafco participants, generating a combined Prosafco saving of +/- 53,244 grams of CO² emissions over a distance of 477 km.

Fewer cars also meant less traffic congestion, meaning lower wasted emissions caused by traffic jams. Structural carpools can result in a reduction of people buying a “second car”, which is another way of benefiting the environment.

Social benefit

Good for that togetherness feeling – and it can also promote teamwork.

It was a wet (cloudburst at 7.40 am), but pleasant day. Various experiences were exchanged on arrival in the canteen, with organic fruit juice from the Oxfam world shop, Fairtrade coffee and fresh fruit for everyone. There was also some fun action with the Prosafco Car-Free Award. With savings of 4142 grams of CO² emissions and a distance of +/- 31.60 km (as the bird flies) by bike, it was the deserving winner of the Prosafco Car Free Day Award 2014!