Work gloves: materials

leather gloves

Cow leather durable, excellent abrasion resistance, breathability
Pig leather breathable, soft and supple in humid conditions
Goat leather the most abrasion resistant leather kind, very strong and durable
Sheep leather the most flexible type of leather, elastic and has good abrasion resistance

textile gloves

Twill cloth for general works
Jersey for general works
Curl cotton protection against contactheat
Knitted gloves high wearing comfort

Plastic gloves

Synthetic gloves usually consist of a base or liner: nylon, polyester or cotton
surmounted by a complete or partial coating of natural rubber, nitrile, PU or PVC.

Neoprene broad chemical resistance
Nitrile excellent abrasion and cut resistance
PVC fluid density, good protection against mild solvents
Rubber excellent grip, good cut and puncture resistance
Vinyl breathable, good grip, minimal moisture and fat absorption
Latex good acid resistance