Ordering options

We have a whole range of services designed to make working with you run as smoothly as possible. Depending on your needs and ordering profile, you can choose from the options below with your contact person.



All of our B2B customers can use our webshop, with or without the catalogue personalised for their own staff. Ask for your login at info@prosafco.be 

Webshop Prosafco


EDI - Electronic data interchange

With a high frequency of orders or just-in-time delivery arrangements, it may be of benefit to both parties to exchange orders electronically. In so doing, Prosafco supports a number of important standards and is happy to listen to your specific requirements!

We accept purchase orders in the following formats:

You can receive delivery confirmations of your orders in an EDIFACT despatch advice notice (desadv) ( http://www.unece.org/cefact/edifact/welcome.html ) format.

We send out our e-invoices in the Certipost format via Basware ( http://www.basware.com/ )


OCI - Open Catalogue Interface

Customers who want to make maximum use of the SRM module in their SAP or Microsoft Dynamics AX system can be given access to our punch-out environment.
This enables you to put together purchase orders from your own system based on our public catalogue or the one specifically customised for you.
This means that we can provide you with all the necessary product information, such as technical sheets and real-time stock status.
We also keep your references up-to-date so that you can focus on ordering instead of keeping your own reference lists up to date.