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Flame retardant clothing & multinorm safety clothing

Multinorm Workwear: Protection on Multiple Fronts

Multinorm workwear represents the next step in safety clothing. These clothes are not only designed to protect workers from flames and heat, but also offer protection from a range of other potential workplace hazards.

Flame retardant Workwear

The basis of multinorm workwear lies in flame-retardant protection. The material and design are formulated to slow the spread of fire and protect the wearer from burns, even in demanding environments. This is crucial in sectors where workers are exposed to fire risks.

Protection on Multiple Fronts

What sets multinorm workwear apart is that it meets multiple safety standards. In addition to flame retardancy, these clothes can protect against:

  • Electrical hazards: Protection against electric arcs and static discharges.

  • Chemical hazards: Resistance to chemicals that can be harmful to the skin.

  • Thermal hazards: Protection against heat, flames and intense heat sources.

  • Mechanical risks: Protection against cuts, punctures, and other mechanical hazards.


Multinorm workwear is used in various sectors, such as the oil and gas industry, power plants, chemical plants, and other environments where workers are exposed to multiple risks.

Comfort and durability

In addition to safety, comfort and durability are essential. Modern multinorm clothing is designed with a focus on wearability, allowing workers to move comfortably while still getting the protection they need. Durable materials ensure that the garments can withstand wear and tear, making them last longer in demanding work environments.


Multinorm and flame-retardant workwear are essential protective garments that offer workers broad protection against various workplace hazards. With their focus on safety, comfort and durability, they play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of workers in various industries.