Prosafco Laundry has been an established service for delivering, cleaning and distributing workwear since 2002.

Good workwear acts like a calling card for your business. The way in which staff present themselves also says something about the seriousness of an organisation. Functional, good-fitting workwear not only contributes to the image of a company, but also increases the productivity of its employees.

We work with specialized laundries all over the country. That way we can link any type of product or clothing to the best laundry for this aspect.
We are responsible for managing the entire process: monitoring the quality, collecting and returning the clothing. We also provide lockers and put clothes in the individual lockers of the employees.

Managing workwear properly is a complex business, where having a combination of product knowledgelogistics and communication is vitally important.


The enormous variety of fabrics, colours and models creates all sorts of combinations that have a major impact on how garments are washed. Our many years of experience ensure that we can maximise the service life of your workwear. 


The system of distribution is a major cost centre in workwear management. Collecting the clothes, sorting them into batches for washing, sorting them again after the wash and then distributing them again – right through to placing them back in the employees’ lockers is a workflow process that has to run smoothly. Prosafco evaluates and optimises this process at the best possible price. 


You can’t have an effective logistics flow without a good information flow – and that’s an area where we are particularly strong. Our own company-developed WEAR-IT system ensures full traceability right through the supply chain.


Using our know-how and experience, we make sure that customers always have representative workwear. Put simply: we ensure that your garments are collected on time and washed to perfection on time before being returned to the right person on time.

We do all of this to be sure that your employees can perform to optimum effect.




Prosafco gives you the option of hiring your workwear rather than buying it. The main benefits of hiring are that a) it spreads your clothing budget, and b) you don’t have to keep and manage stocks of workwear.