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In the "catalogue" tab, you can browse through the various articles. Filter in the bar on the left between the different product categories.

You can also search for specific articles by name or article number in the search bar at the top. Then click on the search icon or press the enter key.

To obtain further information on a particular item and add it to the shopping basket, please click on the blue "SHOP NOW" button. The following information is available here:
  • Product name and item number.
  • A stock indicator.
  • Using the drop down menus, choose the desired configuration, size and colour of the item. After indicating the quantity, click on the 'Add to basket' button. The 'Default' configuration is used to indicate that this is a standard, unprinted or unprocessed article. Depending on what you have agreed with Prosafco, other configurations can also appear here. A common example is printed T-shirts.
  • The price is displayed in the shopping basket after you have added the item.
  • A description listing the characteristics of the item.
  • Under the 'specifications' tab you can download technical data sheets and images for the item concerned if relevant. It is possible that a product image is not available for every product or every possible colour.

For a fast order, you can also look up products directly in the shopping basket and add them immediately.

You are always offered the option of choosing an address from the address book when selecting shipping details. You can also add a new address, but it may be that this option is not yet available for your account. If you want this option, you can always contact us via the contact form or the contact button at the bottom right.